Excuse the mess while I’m testing WordPress..

Please excuse any quirks and issues with this site as I attempt to install and customize WordPress.

WordPress is a pretty nightmarish platform. As a hardcore techie that has been in the business of developing Websites and IT platforms for nearly 20 years, I find myself completely confounded by WordPress in many ways.

Oftentimes I find their implementations are completely devoid of logic. Just one example: The CMS forces protocol and domain specificity, therefore making it incredibly difficult to “move” from one domain/path to another, as I found out after setting up an installation on a test domain and attempting to just change the domain name. I personally prefer to develop such that everything is “root relative”, with an optional defined installation path, thus making code very portable in terms of URLs.

Alas, I can’t do everything myself and I have a lot of other exciting things to be doing. So I therefore need to delegate the “CMS” (Content Management System) to a third party, rather than develop my own. And WordPress is pretty ubiquitous, so why not go with that!

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