Las Vegas Casino Carpets

When I told my family in Los Angeles that I would be doing a trip and that Las Vegas, Nevada was the first stop, naturally the topic of casinos came up. Because – in case you aren’t aware – Las Vegas is kind of known  for casinos. That and sins of the flesh.  Since I indulge in neither I am like a fish out of water here, but hey, I do my best to enjoy it all. Maybe I’ll do another post about Vegas itself but first I need to think how to describe it all because I love half of it and abhor the other half.

Anyway… Part of the discussion revolved around the tactics employed by the casinos to keep the fishy’s on the hook, so to speak. One such tactic discussed was that casino carpets are intentionally designed to keep you “disorientated”; No walking towards the exit for you mister, at least not until your pockets are empty and then we’ll gladly kick you out!

Another such claim I’ve heard about the carpet designs was that they are designed this way to make it hard for players to find dropped chips. The casino can then come along and sweep them up. Which basically means free money for the casinos.

Since this was not the first time I heard the claim regarding carpets, I decided that I would go around and check out the casino carpets and share them for your disorientating pleasure. Plus, after 4 days in Vegas, there’s not really much else to do for a non-gambler.

My thoughts:

I’m done with casinos for a few years. Maybe forever.

Although the designs do appears to be “clusterfucks”, I don’t necessarily think it’s for the sole purpose of disorientating people. My guess is that these types of designs do a good job at hiding stains. And with a proverbial shit-ton of drunk people spilling and vomiting up god knows what, stain masking is pretty important.

I’m unsure if the disorientation or dropped chip theories are true but if carpets are design to make stains harder to see then they would also make chips harder to see.

As for the disorientation… Nothing is more fucking disorientating that the ding-ding-dings of the slot machines. A few times I felt like I was on acid or some other mind-altering drug, even though I was completely sober.

My favorite carpet was Aria. In fact, Aria was my favorite place, period. I liked the ambiance there.

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